ESQ by Movado

My world. My watch. ESQ by Movado. It's all the things that really matter. Peak days. Moments of joy. Unforgettable experiences. Living life to the fullest with spirit and integrity. It's luxury you can see and quality you can feel. Swiss precision from a name you can trust. Essential style. Honest value. Time built to last. It's ESQ by Movado. My world. My watch.

ESQ watches are crafted to the highest standards of Swiss quality and design. Made by Movado, they offer versatile, easy-going elegance and exceptional value in time. |

A diamond is measured using a weight measurement called a carat. A carat is equal to two hundered milligrams. When a diamond is spoken of as four grains it is a one-carat stone. Carat gets its name from the bean known as a carob. In the past if the stone weighed the same as the bean it was said to be one carob, which became one carat.

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